Over Ten Years Experience In Automated Audio & Video Interviewing

Automated audio and video interviews replace the need for scheduled live telephone and first-round interviews; this saves recruiters and hiring managers a massive amount of time.

Every candidate is asked the same questions, in the same way, making automated audio and video interviews more objective. Using audio-only interviews can further promote diversity and inclusion.

Enhance the candidate experience further by including video introductions and asking questions using recorded video clips. Being able to complete your interview at a convenient time further strengthens the candidate experience.

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We Make Creating And Managing Interviews Simple

Tazio includes a wide range of interview templates; making it quick and easy to create the perfect interview for assessing soft skills and motivation for any role.

You can personalise your interviews with full branding, videos and audio clips. Quickly score candidates against your built-in competency framework, add comments and share with colleagues.

Deliver a consistent candidate experience by seamlessly combining audio and video interviews with other assessments, tests and questionnaires all on a single platform.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process

For high volume recruitment campaigns, such as graduate and apprenticeship schemes, audio and video interviews slash the time required to filter and identify the best candidates.

Roles where personal behaviours and motivation are most important, sales and customer service, for example, automated interviews prove incredibly efficient and cost-effective.

We Include Seamless Integrations

Tazio is an integral part of an employer's talent acquisition, management and development eco-system. As a result, we offer effortless integrations with your ATS, CRM and HCM suite.

Inviting candidates directly from your ATS, having them seamlessly login, triggering notifications on particular events is all supported through our open API.

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"We've been using Tazio for a couple of years to interview graduates. The service is straightforward to use for both candidates and our recruiters.

Using video interviews has certainly saved us a huge amount of time."

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