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Just because you can't meet candidates in person doesn't mean you can't efficiently and objectively assess, interview and select the best person for the job.

If you're ready to move your assessment or development centres online, Tazio can help you create, manage and deliver all your assessments, exercises and interviews on one easy to use platform.

Furthermore, employers forced to use virtual assessment centres today say they will continue using them once we've come through the pandemic. The cost savings and efficiency gains are so compelling.

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Create A Seamless Candidate Experience

Through a secure online portal, candidates can watch videos about your company and the role, access supporting documents and see their itinerary for the day. They can complete assessments, join virtual exercises and live video interviews with fully integrated Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings.

At the same time, your assessors can observe and interview candidates in live video conference rooms. They can record their observations and score candidates. They can also review candidate's written exercises, completed assessments, recorded interviews and presentations.

And that's not all. With real-time analysis and reporting tools, you can see instantly who has and hasn't been assessed and how candidates are performing.

Ensure More Consistent Scoring

You can specify the scoring for each assessment, exercise and interview based on your behaviours, competency and skills framework.

You can show assessors descriptions, positive and negative indicators for each competency to ensure a clear understanding of the basis on which they are scoring the candidate.

Overall scores can be automatically calculated, including weightings, or entered manually by assessors. Wash-up reports encourage colleagues to peer review scores, discuss and agree on the appropriate scores to be assigned.

Instant Analysis and Reporting

Tazio makes sense of your data, quickly helping you identify the best candidates based on your unique requirements with extensive data visualisation, analysis and reporting.

Assessors scores, comments and notes are stored securely. This wealth of data is used to reveal which candidates best match the competencies, behaviours and skills you've determined as essential to perform well in the role.

Now you can remove the guesswork from your assessment centres, make unbiased and impartial hiring decisions.

Deliver Automated Feedback

Personalised candidate feedback reports are generated in seconds with content based on assessors scores and comments.

Create your own report templates, all fully branded and personalised to match your corporate style and language.

Candidates receive valuable, personalised feedback promptly following your assessment centre, promoting a positive candidate experience.

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"We have been using Tazio this year for the Emerging Talent Programme of Imperial Brands in EMEA and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The collaboration with Joanne and Karen has been fantastic. They have definitely gone the extra mile to provide us with a first in class customer experience. The design and configuration sessions were very easy. They truly listened to our client needs and build them a great platform. The system is very intuitive, user friendly and easy to use. The feedback from the candidates and assessors has been highly positive and has strongly contributed at creating a great virtual experience.

Running, facilitating and coordinating Virtual Assessment Centres is not an easy task and often, technology fails or candidate experience is not on point. Tazio provided us with a robust platform that allowed a great experience for both the candidates and the business. They were praised internally by the client and helped make this year programmes a success. Thanks!"

Vincent Masat

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