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Having the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles, more than anything, is what determines the success or failure of your organisation.

If you're making the crucial decisions about who to hire, who to promote or move into which role, how to develop the right skills, we know it's a massive challenge.

That challenge is made considerably harder without an accurate understanding of what capabilities each person has. What skills you currently have and where they are. Where you lack skills today, and where the gaps will be in the future.

Our purpose is to provide the insights you need to make intelligent, data-driven decisions and unlock the potential in your employees and business.

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Empowering Data-Driven Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition, recruitment, hiring, whatever you choose to call it, is crucial to every business. The implications of getting it wrong can be profound.

With so much at stake, hiring based on "gut feeling" simply isn't enough. We help you establish a rigorous, data-driven approach to attracting, assessing and selecting the most suitable candidates.

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Agile Talent Development

With the increasing need for digital skills, the rise of AI and automation, the skills employees need is quickly changing. Many skills are becoming obsolete within years, even months. Therefore, the ability to provide agile training programs, tailored to individual needs, is now essential.

Tazio enables you to build and deliver focused training and coaching programs. Each employee receives targeted content, in a wide range of formats; audio clips, videos, articles. They can consume these at a convenient time, at their own pace, on their mobile, tablet or computer.

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Strategic Talent Planning

The way we work is changing fast - the increasing use of digital technology, remote working, the introduction of AI and automation. As a result, the need for effective talent planning has become increasingly important.

Successful talent planning requires large amounts of data and robust analytics. With relevant data often stored in multiple systems, it can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming to see the full picture.

Now imagine having all your relevant data stored on one platform with the ability to analyse that data, identify gaps, spot trends and predict future needs more accurately. Tazio gives you that capability.

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