Talent Acquisition That Unlocks Candidates True Potential

We understand the multitude of challenges facing large employers when it comes to running efficient talent acquisition programs.

These include the requirement to objectively and fairly assess hundreds, even thousands of candidates, often with limited budgets or resources. The need for a robust selection process which promotes diversity and inclusion is increasingly important.

We believe passionately in helping people achieve their full potential. To achieve this, you must identify the true capabilities, behaviours and motivation of each applicant. This objective insight enables you to select the best candidate and create a valued and motivated employee.

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Create An Objective Selection Process

Recruiting someone based on a cursory review of their CV, a 30-minute interview, and "gut feel" simply isn't reliable, or fair.

With Tazio, you can quickly create an entire selection process with the appropriate combination of aptitude tests, situational judgement tests, video interviews and assessment centre exercises.

Picture having all the tools you need to identify the competencies, behaviours and motivations candidates need to be successful in the role provided by one platform.

Candidate Experience Is Vital

The best candidates are no longer willing to accept a long, disjointed application experience. If your competitors offer a more straightforward, efficient selection process, you will lose candidates.

With the entire process delivered on one platform, candidates enjoy a consistent, more convenient experience. They can complete each stage on their computer, tablet or mobile at a time that works best for them.

The complete candidate experience reflects your branding, corporate style and messaging. Including videos, audio clips and images, ensures candidates experience an engaging recruitment process with a clear understanding of your organisation's culture and identity.

Reducing Recruiter Workload

Say goodbye to hours spent sifting through CVs, telephone interviews at 8 pm on a Friday, and first-round interviews with unsuitable, unmotivated candidates.

Instead, quickly see which candidates best match the profile of the ideal employee for that role. Watch their video interviews when it's convenient for you, and see who's a solid fit for the job, your culture and your organisation.

Removing so much time-consuming admin leaves you free to concentrate on the best candidates, improving the chances of recruiting the ideal person..

Ensuring Better Business Outcomes

You cannot underestimate the impact of successful talent acquisition to the performance of an organisation. Equally, get talent acquisition wrong, and the damage can be catastrophic.

Our approach to data-driven recruitment, combined with a wealth of experience working with large employers, guarantees successful recruitment campaigns and better business outcomes.

Furthermore, because everything is measurable, you can quickly apply learnings to improve your recruitment process. This virtuous circle means you reduce time to hire, enhance the quality of candidates selected, and onboard talent more quickly.

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"We've been using Tazio for a couple of years to interview graduates. The service is straightforward to use for both candidates and our recruiters.

Using video interviews has certainly saved us a huge amount of time."

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