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Employers with a strategic, data-driven approach to talent planning consistently outperform their competitors. An effective talent planning strategy includes - identifying skills gaps, succession planning and developing high potential employees.

Tazio provides the platform and tools to deliver the objective data required to underpin your talent planning strategy. Instead of having data spread across multiple siloed systems, everything is now accessible in one platform.

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Quickly Identify Skills Gaps

At the heart of any talent planning strategy is a clear understanding of your organisation's current and future skills gaps. With the rapid increase in digital working and the rise of AI, employees' required skills are changing faster than ever before.

Tazio lets you assess your employees' current skills objectively, identify those with the potential and desire to learn new skills and provide a clear view of the critical gaps.

Succession Planning

Understanding which employees, if any, are best positioned to become the next manager or leader is a critical element of any talent planning strategy.

Using online assessments and 360-degree reviews provides a clear view of each employees' skills, capabilities and motivation. We show you who's ready for promotion in the short and medium-term, and who, with the right support, could rise to the challenge.

Developing High Potential Employees

Understanding who has the potential to advance their career rapidly is essential for many reasons. Firstly, someone's potential is different from their performance. We help you identify who has the right skills, behaviours and motivation to achieve their potential.

Assessing potential requires a consistent, ongoing data-driven approach. We enable you to develop and deliver effective high potential programmes which are objective, engaging and improve diversity and inclusion.

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